Eating, praying and loving in Ubud

Ubud is my favourite place in Bali – it’s a massively laid-back yogi paradise that couldn’t be further from the party town of Kuta just an hour and a half away. Even though I’m not into yoga, spiritualism, or anything of the sort I still loved this place and spent a week here easily without getting bored. It’s the kind of place I could see myself living and working from my laptop one day – dream life!

Backpacking Bali Ubud

Things to do in Ubud

For such a small place Ubud has SO much to do and see, and once you get a moped and a map it’s so easy to explore by yourself.

The Tegenungan waterfall should not be missed! It’s sooo gorgeous and heading out of town on a moped to find it is an adventure in itself. Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s absolutely breathtaking. If you’re brave you can climb up the side or go for a swim too.

Best waterfalls in Bali Ubud

Ubud market is great for clothes and souvenirs – I bought loads here to take home. Make sure you haggle, it’s so easy… you can usually pay less than half of what they ask (but be fair and respectful).

Jungle Fish is a really fancy resort in the middle of the jungle, who for about £8 let peasants like us in for the day to use their HUGE infinity pool and bar. It’s fairly expensive to eat and drink in there all day but so worth it for a treat; it’s honestly majestic and the pool overlooking the jungle is amazing.

Jungle Fish UbudThings to do in Ubud Jungle Fish

The Monkey Forest is one of the main attractions in Ubud but I actually didn’t go thanks to a fear of monkeys. We’ve encountered so many travelling Asia and they just make me nervous! Aside from this, yoga is a big thing in Ubud. Shamefully we booked a lesson and slept through it, but if you’re interested then there’s lessons for all abilities.

Where to eat in Ubud 

As you can imagine, Ubud is full of veggie, vegan and organic cafes. We ate breakfast at Atman Nourish Kafe most days for poached eggs, avocado and feta on toast, smoothie bowls, fruit and granola etc.

Where to eat in Ubud

We also had such good Indonesian food in Ubud! Biah Biah is a place that does an Indonesian sort of tapas, lots of little plates which are super cheap so you can try a mixture of unusual Indonesian dishes. Warung Laba-Laba was one of our favourite places – I had their vegan version of a nasi campur one night which came with vegetables, satay tofu and tempeh and was amazing. We also had our first and best nasi goreng at The Pond!

Where to eat in UbudWhere to eat in Ubud

Where to stay in Ubud

We stayed at Secret Garden Guest House right in the centre of Ubud and it’s just the loveliest little place. Normal rooms cost about £12 a night, which may be a bit expensive for a solo traveller but when there’s two of you it’s not much different than paying for separate dorm beds. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived so we were upgraded to a superior room which we were way overdue – I hear of this happening to people all the time but never us?! This room was so nice; a huge comfy bed, decent shower, air con, and a little veranda with a table and chairs outside. There’s also a pool which nobody besides us ever seemed to use which was right outside our door, AND they do free breakfast which can be brought straight to your room!

Where to stay in Ubud

Nightlife in Ubud

There’s not much nightlife in Ubud, but as you’ll probably be going to Kuta before or after you might not mind. We were there for a week and it was fine as there’s so much more going on in Ubud. As you probably won’t have a proper night out here there’s all the more reason to splurge on a day at Jungle Fish!

Things to do in Ubud

Love you Ubud! 

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